MLA Thai Spicy & Sour Braised Silver Shank Soup

  • เวลาเตรียม 10นาที
  • เวลาทำอาหาร 50นาที
  • เทคนิคการปรุงอาหาร สตูว์
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An authentic Thai Spicy & Sour Soup recipe, this time with Australian braised beef silver shank for an added smack! Best served with a warm serving of rice.


500g Beef Silver Shank
500ml Water 
100g Large Grape Tomato
3 tbsp Lime Juice
100g Shallots
20g Bird’s Eye Chili
75g Lemongrass
75g Galangal
1 tbsp Spring Onion, chopped
1 tbsp Cilantro, chopped


  • Cut the silver shank into a 2-inch pieces.
  • Start boiling a pot of water and add galangal and lemongrass. Simmer for at least 45 minutes.
  • After simmering, bring the soup to boil again and add all the remaining ingredients. Immediately turn off the heat.
  • Garnish with extra spring onion and cilantro to serve.